A Marina Like No other

Just minutes away from open water.

The Marina

44 Private Slips

Madeira Beach Moorings consists of 44 slips with 6, still available. Slip sizes vary but can hold up to an 80 foot yacht. Enjoy provisioning from the Mad Beach Cantina; the onsite restaurant. Enjoy power, cable, Wi-Fi, water, and pump out while docked. They can be leased via a 10 year exclusive lease agreement. To view the available options, click below.

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10 Year Exclusive Lease

Our unique 10 year exclusive lease model provides several advantages:

  • No price increase for the life of the lease
  • Sublease it when not in use & keep 60% of the rent.
  • You lock in a prime location slip for the next 10 years
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Open Water Access

Location, location, location. The marina is one canal in from the Gulf Of Mexico. This means you are minutes away from open water. While docked, you can hop off your yacht and walk across the street to the beach, eat at the onsite restaurant, or enjoy a couple minute walk to the world famous John's Pass. Enjoy the all inclusive services of power, water, pump out, Wi-Fi & cable.

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The Available Slips

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Does Our 10 Year Lease Make Sense For You?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Why do these questions matter?
1. If the things listed above matter to you, you can take advantage today.
2. If you think the answer to the above questions is yes, even if you sell your boat, you could sublease and make some money along the way.

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Location, Location, Location

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Things To Do At John's Pass

90% of the boat slips at this facility are available for rent to the general public on a "first come first serve basis"