The C21 Beggins
FSBO Guide

Selling your home yourself can make sense. However, there are some very important
steps you need to take. This guide is
designed to help.

Download The FSBO Guide Here

Why did we make this guide?

Nearly 30 years ago we set out on a mission to help all homeowners of Tampa Bay.
If your our client, we have your back. If you are doing business with us by purchasing one of our listings, we have your back. If you just need guidance but not full representation, we have your back. This guide is just one more way we are living up to that promise. Selling your home yourself is a logical thing to try. But it can come with many pitfalls and potential legal exposure. This guide is designed to try and help you avoid the common mistakes and have a successful sale.

Download The FSBO Guide Here

Why take our advice?


After nearly 30 years and 55K+ transactions we have nearly seen it all. From strong economies to the financial meltdown of 2008, we have seen it and survived it. We are constantly learning and then passing that education on to our agents, clients, and communities.


We have performed over $12 Billion in transactions. This has led us to become one of the top Century 21 brokerages in the country. This success simply means that we have the best agents in the business all of whom have one goal; to help their communities.


We believe exposure is king. So keep that in mind when you try to sell your home. Here is how we sell 10-20 homes per day: